Public Interest Psychology

Public Interest Psychology - Services offered

  • Adult assessment
  • Therapeutic Interventions
  • Supervision and Consultation

Court services

  •     Asylum Seekers
  •     Whistleblowers
  •     Criminal
  •     Parole board
  •     Court of protection 

Public Interest Psychology - Court Services

Essential to expert witness work is a thorough professionalism involving the integrity of any assessment undertaken. Our psychological assessments consistently provide a comprehensive answer to the questions to be explored and will engage deeply with complex matters in a way that is accessible to the court.

Public Interest Psychology - Criminal Court Services

Psychological assessments for the Criminal Court are often required at Plea, Trial and Sentencing Hearings and we can offer you these for adults and adolescents at all stages of the legal process.

Public Interest Psychology - Court of Protection

Questions relating to whether or not an individual has the capacity to make important decisions can often be assisted by a thorough assessment of the psychological factors surrounding the important issues in their life.


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